More Time Healthcare provides convalescent care services to support recovery at home following medical procedures or illnesses. This temporary assistance is for patients who require routine support from medical professionals but do not need hospitalization. Individuals receive convalescent care at a facility when they need help with daily activities during recovery. Skilled caregivers deliver support services at the patient’s residence or care home. 

More Time Healthcare fully customizes each convalescent care program to meet the individual needs of every patient. Assistance ranges from scheduled visits to live-in care. The goal is always to ensure the patient’s well-being during recovery. 

Convalescent care aims to restore independence in those who will regain abilities without ongoing assistance. It assists individuals needing short-term help to fully regain their health and no longer require regular support. 

For patients expecting to redevelop self-sufficiency over time, convalescent care may provide temporary services until strong enough to care for themselves independently. 

Caregivers assist with all aspects of recovery through this care. Services include improving mobility, nutrition support, medication management, personal care, transportation to appointments, and companionship. Care is available through visiting schedules or live-in models to accommodate each patient’s situation and allow autonomy over the care experience.