Overnight Care

Overnight care refers to having a caregiver stay overnight to provide any necessary assistance throughout the night. 

With overnight care, a private caregiver remains with the individual throughout the night to offer personal care and companionship during times when extra support is needed. The caregiver can aid the person in maintaining their independence and confidence regardless of the hour by providing needed support.

Overnight care is particularly suitable for those requiring additional assistance or monitoring during nighttime hours, 24-hour care, or who experience increased anxiety when alone at night. 

Nighttime care can benefit anyone needing extra support overnight. Whether an individual has a spinal injury requiring assistance safely moving in bed or has a condition like dementia often resulting in night awakenings, overnight care can be an effective support solution. Ensuring the appropriate level of care is provided, overnight care allows peace of mind knowing the person is not left feeling isolated and will be looked after anytime. 

One might consider overnight care if:

  • Requiring mobility assistance: Caregivers receive training to safely support mobility for those with disabilities or age-related frailty. 
  • Experiencing a complex medical condition: An overnight caregiver can expertly assist those managing complex conditions throughout the night. 
  • Living alone: For solo-living individuals, having a caregiver stay overnight provides valuable security and assurance
  • At risk of falls: A caregiver can enhance independence at night by aiding with getting out of bed and to the bathroom.