Live in care

Live-in care provides a valuable solution for families caring for loved ones. By having a caregiver reside in the home, constant support is provided around the clock. 

Caring for a family member can often feel overwhelming. Live-in care through More Time Healthcare aims to focus on meeting the individual’s needs and daily schedule. With a caregiver present, family members feel secure spending quality time together without constant worries. 

With a live-in caregiver, assistance is always nearby when needed. Caregivers can aid with daily activities as well as provide companionship and emotional support. They are compassionate, trained professionals matched to the client’s interests and needs for maximum comfort. 

Overall, live-in care effectively reduces stress on families through dedicated, in-home support. It allows all involved to enjoy one another’s company while knowing constant assistance is readily available. With this option, clients and their loved ones can feel secure and cared for within the familiar setting of their own home.