Medication Management

Our care is always focused on promoting each individual’s independence. We are able to closely monitor all aspects of medication administration and management, ensuring clients adhere to medications as prescribed by their healthcare provider in terms of dosage and frequency. Our caregivers undergo rigorous training on safe medication practices to properly document medications and know the appropriate response in the unlikely event of an error, safeguarding clients at all times with the highest standard of care daily. 

Who Benefits From Medication Management?

Medication management can benefit any individual taking medication under a provider’s supervision so therapeutic progress can be observed and intended benefits achieved. Our caregivers can ensure proper medication management whether a client needs full assistance or support taking medications independently. 

How Does Medication Management Benefit Seniors? 

Medication management provides significant advantages for older adults as the potential for unintended non-adherence increases with age. Normal aging can mildly impair information processing and retention, potentially hindering proper adherence to medication instructions. This risk increases for those with conditions like dementia compromising cognitive function. If independence with medications is a concern for oneself or a loved one, we offer assistance.